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How to use the listen again


1. Simples! Use the slider on the right of the frames on the right under the time counter of each year panel to reach the programme you are interested in  2. Click on the programme  3. Wait until the programme buffers into your computer (the delay is dependent on how busy the site or programme requests are and how fast your PC is at buffering.  4. Listen to your favourite Radio Jcom programme again!  5. Tell all your friends! On this page is a menu for some of the popular Radio Jcom programmes that you can listen to again. We hope to add even more of your favourite programmes as time goes by. Listen again is a very ‘bandwidth hungry’ and an extremely time- consuming undertaking to maintain, and as a small community radio station, we haven’t the necessary resources to offer a full ‘previous programme’ facility You could, of course, chat to us if you are interested in sponsoring some more past-programme access if you like!. However, you will find what we hope is a representative selection of our 2013 programing to date here. If there is a particular programme you would like to have placed here so as you can listen to it again {Please click here to email us}. Please bear with us as we try to find a ‘happy medium’, although as you all know there already is one happy medium - the wave  that is 1386 medium - Radio JCom - your 24-hour local community radio station! Please note!  For music-only programmes, the listen again feature includes only those programmes that are produced and presented by our volunteer staff. If you feel you have an ida for a programme and/or would like to present or produce a new programme, please do get in touch by emailing us - please click on this link


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